Sorting out truth from lies, fake news and alternative facts. Accountability. DJT is not a straight shooter he is a pathological liar. A straight shooter tells the truth no matter what the consequence. A snake oil salesman says whatever slides out of his mouth.

The fact is that DJT lies. We can't allow ourselves to become desensitized as a result of the sheer volume of aspersions, calumnies, deceptions, detractions, dishonesties, distortions, evasions, fables, fabrications, falsehoods, fibs, falsifications, fraudulences, inaccuracies, inventions, misrepresentations, misstatements, myths, provocations, tales, tall stories or vilifications made by this man. The cure to darkness is light. The opposite of a lie is the truth. No doubt there are countless forums everywhere where people are engaging in debates trying to preserve what is great in this already great country. This platform not only showcases the untruths but what is actually true and the source.

Knowledge is power.
The truth is necessary for a healthy republic.
Patriots aren't complicit.


Next Steps...

The power is yours. Post the lie that Trump told. Post what's actually true. Post why you know it's actually true.

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